MBR (Membrane Bioreactor Treatment)

MBR (Membrane Bioreactor Treatment)

In July 2018 the water processing engineers have combined the powerful process of aerobic digestion with ultrafiltration (UF) membrane technology to design a system that can meet and exceed the most stringent effluent standards, BioBarrier® MBR. Adding submerged membrane bioreactors to aerobic digestion makes sense as it enables processing of all shipboard wastewater sources such as: toilets, accomodation areas, galley, showers and laundry waters. The UF membranes (at poresize 0.03 micron) provide a physical barrier for viruses, pathogens, bacteria resulting in clear odorless effluent water. Effluent is monitored and meets the highest environmental standards. Actually, BioBarrier effluent water can be reused shipboard, preserving shipboard generated (fresh)water whilst safeguarding the environment at discharge, at all times and under all organic and hydrualic load conditions. You have our guarantee!

A simple supportive fact, our BioBarrier®MarineMBR was the first system in the world certified for water reuse (to NSF /ANSI std 350 Class R) and has received Type Approval to USCG 33CFR159. The IMO regulatory standards as per MEPC.227(64) are met as well and inclusive of nutrients removal. The immersed, aerated membrane bioreactor technology allows for installation into a smaller footprint of a custom-designed and certified tank, whilst the treatment process is continously monitored by a state-of-the-art smart controller, is self-regulating, highly efficient and fully automated. The standard BioBarrier® MBR product line capacities range from 1,00 to 400,00 m3/day. Custom design for higher capacity is available upon request.

We can assist you to preserve and reuse water whilst keeping your wake clean. Please find our brochure here.

  • Features
    • A powerful combination of aerobic digestion and ultrafiltration
    • Delivers consistent effluent quality under all shipboard conditions
    • To the most stringent effluent standards
    • Fully automated and self-regulating process
    • To any organic load and hydraulic flow
    • No clogging and blockages
    • Small footprint
    • Highly efficient and power reducing smart controller
    • Custom designed steel tanks with superior corrosion protection
    • Easy maintenance and acces to all components
  • Conditions / Application / Vessel Type
    • Suitable for all conditions and without any restrictions
    • Applicable for all shipboard wastewater streams
    • Meets the most stringent effluent discharge standards
    • For all vessel types and offshore assets
  • Your benefits
    • Reuse wastewater shipboard
    • Guaranteed compliance with UF membrane technology
    • High quality steel tanks with superior corrosion protection
    • Flexible design into structural tanks
    • Worldwide support network
  • Downloads

About Advanced Wastewater Treatment AWT

Advanced waste water treatment plants provide an improved environmental performance by using advanced technologies to surpass the most stringent effluent  discharge standards in quality and purity. In comparison to Type II Marine Sanitation Devices AWT plants have improved applied technologies for screening, biological treatment and mechanical or physical separation such as membrane-based filtration. AWT plants are designed in several treatment stages to purify raw sewage to a clean effluent. First treatment stage targets floatable and settleable solids whilst the second stage of the treatment targets organic matter and nutrients using aerobic biological processes such as fixed activated sludge treatment. The final stage targets pathogens and viruses and uses UV-radiation, chemical treatment and mechanical separation. Especially the application of Ultrafiltration membranes or so called bioreactors MBR is highly effective as they provide a physical barrier inhibiting passage for larger sized species such as bacteria, viruses and nutrients. Advanced sewage treatment plant ar e also designed to treat the full hydraulic flow or streams of black and gray water simultaneously and from all generating sources.