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Gasification of organic waste is a broad applied technology for large-scale waste to energy plants. Since 2004 Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc. has worked on a viable, safe and efficient small-scale solution. This has resulted in waste gasifier MAGS: a device which eliminates organic waste in a safe, clean and very efficient way.

MAGS, thermal treatment device that decomposes all organic waste into:
• Carbon component (bio-char)
• Gaseous fraction (synthesis gas)

Auto – Gasification refers to the re-use of the synthesis gas fraction as fuel for the process itself. In addition, MAGS recovers thermal energy.

Waste gasifier MAGS is different in comparison to conventional incineration because of:
• Indirect, heat transferring, less volatile, starved oxygen process
• Ability to re-use the gas fraction as fuel for semi-self sustaining process
• Clean emission meet land and marine standards easily and undiluted
• Improved safety
• Higher flexibility on feed waste composition

For a complete review, broad application of the technology, in-depth analysis, documentation and technical description and support please visit the website dedicated to MAGS:

  • Features
    • Waste fueled appliance via micro auto gasification technology
    • Processes up to 1200 kg/day of organic based solid waste
    • Processes up to   400 ltr/day of oily waste and sludge
    • Fail-safe and large waste loading ports
    • Fully integrated sludge, waste oil injection feed system
    • Fully integrated effluent and emission flue-gas treatment
    • Fully automatic – PLC HMI controlled gasification process cycles
    • Automatic bio-char removal system
    • Type Approval IMO MEPC 76(40) by Lloyds Register
    • Meets and exceeds all current (and future) emission standards
  • Conditions / Application / Vessel Type
    • For safe, clean and efficient elimination of all organic (non) hazardous waste streams such as: waste oils, sludge, chemical and derivatives, lubricants, bio hazardous waste and contaminated non recyclable solid waste
    • Offshore Oil & Gas: Drill Rigs, Semi-submersibles, Accommodation units, FSO, FPSO, FSRU, FLNG
    • Offshore Specialized vessels: Platform Supply, Service vessels, Construction and Pipe-lay vessels, Heavy Lift ships
    • Cruise vessels
    • Naval vessels
    • Merchant Marine: larger oil tankers, chemical tankers
    • Onshore Marine: shipyards, repair yards
  • Key benefits
    • Improved health, safety and environmental performance
    • No restrictions: ability to operate continuously at sea as well as in port
    • Flexible installation MAGS does not require a stack funnel connection
    • Reduced operating costs for waste processing and disposal
    • 100 kW of energy-recovery out of your waste disposal
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Marine and Offshore structures are by definition isolated and removed from available infrastructure for long periods. Vessels generate waste from various sources and managing those, in particular the contaminated streams, may raise operational issues, high disposal costs and environmental impact.

Waste Gasifier MAGS – Micro Auto Gasification System – provides a viable solution to process organic (non) hazardous waste shipboard. The system is based on thermal destruction via gasification with energy recovery, whilst typical waste streams such as: sludge, oily-wastes and contaminated dry waste is used to fuel the system.

Another beneficial aspect of MAGS is an integrated exhaust and effluent treatment system to meet the most stringent emission standards.