New in our portfolio of Bilge Water Separators is the VG-SEP. This system is designed for vessels with limited space and a tight budget.

Ergonomic design and small footprint is combined with highly efficient 2–stage filter technology and meets MEPC 107(49) 15-ppm oil day in day out. This is an ideal solution for new build and retrofitting of existing MEPC 60(33) separator.

An example of the installation flexibility is the on or off skid option for the oil content meter and complete overboard discharge manifold arrangement.

  • Features
    • Very compact design with footprint:  88 x 54 x 110 (LxWxH in cm).
    • Throughput of 0.45 m3/hour of virtually oil free effluent
    • 1st stage: 1 permanent matrix coalescing vessel for free oil removal
    • 2nd stage: 2 filter housings fitted with easily removable:
      – 5 micron particle filters
      – Proprietary adsorbing emulsified oil filters
    • Free oil recovery via oil sensing device triggered automatic discharge cycle
    • Multi duty feed and process pump with NEMA rated TEFC motor
    • Simple electronic control and operator interface
  • Conditions / Application / Vessel Type
    • Luxury yachts, motor yachts, tugs, small workboats
    • Short Sea shipping and limited use for instance in Harbour service
  • Key benefits
    • A simple and reliable low cost solution to process your bilge water
    • Close to 0,5 m3 /hour of throughput capacity
    • Ergonomic design for limited space
    • Easily services and maintained
    • Flexibility in fitting required components on or of skid
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Bilge water consists of a cocktail of fluids and particles with varying characteristics in density and nominal sizes. Main constituent is water from cleaning, maintenance activities and incidental spills collected in the bilge wells and forwarded by pumps to a holding tank.

Bilge Water Separators are designed to purify the contaminated water to a certain specific limit value of oil content. Due to the variation of fluid density, particle size and formation of oily emulsions a fit-for-purpose OWS is configured with multiple stage filtration techniques and or followed by separation. This “staged” filtration and separation reduces fouling, clogging, channelling, rapid deterioration and filter saturation. In need of a bilge water separator but space and budget are limited, check out the VG-SEP.