Well in advance of MEPC107 (49) regulation, Compass Water Solutions introduced an innovative multi-stage OWS ULTRA-SEP. It combines matrix coalescing technology, depth process filter followed by unique membrane technology: SPIR-O-LATOR.

The SPIROLATOR membranes are oil-repellent and prevent oils and oily-emulsions from passing through. Thus providing a positive physical barrier to oily discharge, contamination and an assurance against a spill.

  • Features
    • 1st stage:  permanent matrix coalescing vessel for free oil removal
    • 2nd stage: depth process filter for removal of fine particles
    • 3rd stage: oil-repellent ultrafiltration Spirolator membranes removes oily emulsions
    • Integrated Touchscreen HMI or Push button configuration
    • Robust and reliable feed pump, booster pump
    • Ergonomic design to operate and service easily
    • OCD Monitor to 15 ppm or 5 ppm Calibrated
    • IMO MEPC 107(49) Type approval by USCG, ABS, RMRS. EC wheel mark.
    • 5 ppm DNV-GL Type approved Programme: 771.60 Clean Ship [design] Bilge Water Separators
    • A choice of compact version, standard skidded or modular design versions
    • Optional: pre-heater, duplex pre-filtration, auto-cleaning system, ex-version ATEX.
  • Conditions / Application / Vessel Type
    • Merchant marine:  Bilge and Oily Water processing all vessel types and capacities
    • Offshore: Bilge and Oily Water all types and capacities
    • Offshore: As final polishing stage before discharge of off-specification slop water
    • Oil Terminals and chemical plants: Processing of contaminated drain water
    • Oil Terminals: Pipe flush water, Flush water collection tanks processing on site
  • Key benefits
    • Guaranteed below 5 ppm overboard discharge
    • Physical barrier is an assurance against a spill
    • Low environmental impact: no hazardous chemicals added, recovers free oils
    • Fully automatic operation
    • Clean in place automatic membrane cleaning
    • Effectively removes free-oils, fine particles and solids and emulsions in 3 stages
    • Broad range of process capacity up to 10 m3/hour for your fleet
    • Standard skidded or in modular configuration
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Compass Water Solutions


In some cases bilge conditions are described as tough, severe or impossible. A holding tank – or intermediate settling tank may be used as a pre-treatment stage for initial separation of particles, water and oil droplets due to difference in specific gravitational weight (under stokes’ law). A baffled, cascading tank with drains, oil skimmer and internal heating is a sound pre-treatment.

Another important aspect is to outfit the primary suction source of OWS with level-switches for auto-start and stop of OWS.  Soot, fine particles and scale can also be filtered out by a duplex pre-filter to reduce the initial load to the OWS and extend the lifetime of components. OWS ULTRA-SEP  is an excellent choice, please look at the specifications for more information.