This plate type coalescing matrix separator efficiently removes non-soluble oils, solids and entrained air from produced water and slop water to levels below 15 ppm of free oil. It is designed for continuous and intermittent operation without the need for chemical or other additives or replaceable filter cartridges.

The CRP-SEP system design incorporates the dual principles of gravitational separation and coalescence to separate oil from water. The rugged flow-through single vessel, multi chamber design provides a reliable service onboard for standard capacity up to 100 m3/hour.

  • Features
    • Solenoid air operated flow control valves
    • Manual operated flow control valves
    • Oil collection chamber and automatic oil discharge cycle to recovery tank
    • Pressure gauge, switches and pressure relief valves
    • Integral low shear positive displacement feed pump
    • Oil in water analyser
    • Drain valves, check valves, back flow preventers and pressure regulator at inlet line
    • Three (3) inspection and service entry points
    • Local Control Panel for hazardous area Class 1. Division 2
    • Remote indication panel for safe area
  • Conditions / Application / Vessel Type
    • Offshore:  FPSO, FSO, Rigs for produced water and slop water treatment
    • Offshore:  With polishing stage before discharge of off-specification slop water
    • Oil contaminated water from drains, collection tanks of oil chemical terminal
  • Key benefits
    • Efficient treatment of high volume slop water processing
    • Rugged design and construction for offshore duty
    • Meets requirement for all major offshore authorities
    • High flow processing capacity
    • Easy integration with final polishing stage to reach below 5 ppm
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Compass Water Solutions

High volume applications

Offshore structures have to collect, hold, test and purify various non-process fluids such as rainwater and deck wash water. Evidently, stringent discharge requirements are applicable and usually also expressed as ppm oil in water content limits.

Slop water tanks have considerable volume and hence require an OWS sized for processing of high volumes with a simple, proven and reliable technology such as matrix coalescing vessels. CRP-SEP OWS is capable of processing high volumes, please review features for more information.

Another high volume application is as an integrated stage for the purification of produced water removing solids, entrained air and free oils.