Scienco InTank FITT® BWTS

Scienco InTank FITT® BWTS

Our InTank FITT® ballast water treatment solution is designed for small and infrequent de-ballasting vessels. With one of the smallest footprints in the market 0,5 m² and very low power requirement (< 4 kW) the InTank FITT® solution meets two important criteria in system selection.

Typically, the function of ballast water for these vessel types is different from InPort operating commercial cargo ships. Key characteristics are: 1. infrequent ballast and de-ballasting pattern 2. Internal tank transfers (for trim adjustment) and 3. low volumes (m3) and flows (m3/hr).

FITT® supports the operational profile perfectly as ballast water treatment is not performed whilst pumping in (or out). Treatment is performed inside the tank via a simple chemical dosing method and is triggered at the courtesy, readiness of vessel (crew) just before D-2 discharge requirement.

The system is ideally suited for platform supply vessels, anchor handling vessels, hopper dredgers, Super Yachts and specialized marine assets and expedition vessels. In addition, the FITT® product suits marine assets with very infrequent ballast operations and or a low necessity to perform treatment of the water ballast due to a prolonged stay in an area. Therefore, larger and complex offshore assets such as barges, semi-submersibles and floating support structures benefit from the FITT® solution.

  • Features
    • Simple bulk chemical treatment
    • Filterless
    • Small footprint (0.5 m²) incl. hold tank
    • Low power consumption (< 4 kW)
    • Automatic treatment of All selected tanks
    • Fully Type Approved (BWM code)
  • Conditions / Application / Vessel Type / Specifications
    • Effective in all water qualities
    • No design limitations
    • Treats up to 12 tanks without restrictions
    • Super Yachts, Platform Supply Vessels, Anchor Handling, Tugboat, Dredgers
    • Offshore assets: lift and cargo barges, semi-submersible vessels, specials
  • Operational Benefits
    • Simple installation and integration
    • Very low installation costs
    • Flexible in treatment start
    • Low OPEX, CAPEX
    • Fully automatic treatment
    • Select and treat any tank
    • PLC controlled auto switching between tanks
    • Compliance assurance before discharge
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Scienco InTank FITT®️ BWTS (Ballast Water Treatment Systems)

Based on the proven InTank BWTS; FITT® offers the vessels flexibility to treat a specific tank, a set of tanks or group of tanks subject to vessel requirements such as for transit to another environmental (biological) risk area. Obviously, this flexibility simplifies greatly the water ballast treatment puzzle to meet D-2 discharge standard. Only treat what is discharged.

FITT® is a fully automated product and includes tank switching. The system will treat and neutralize any number of pre-programmed or manually selected ballast tanks with sodium hypochlorite as active substance in auto mode. With active TRO level monitoring and the ability to re-dose as required, InTank FITT® uses the Concentration Time measure of treatment to ensure a uniform intensity of treatment is delivered however challenging the ballast water is. FITT® is fully certified for both IMO and USCG, Rev.G8 now called, BWM code.

The single greatest operational — and packaging — advantage of InTank FITT® is that it has No filter, making it the easiest product on the market to maintain and operate.  For simple maintenance and consistent compliance, FITT® is the way to go.

Assured Compliance

Treating and neutralizing inside the tank allows FITT® to complete treatment of ballastwater shortly before discharge, controlling regrowth. During treatment, FITT® monitors actively TRO levels per tank and automatically adjust the dosage to required level with a maximum dose of 8 p.p.m. the same as InTank® BWTS. FITT® adapts the treatment to the water quality in each tank assuring biological compliance, taking out the guesswork for your vessel. Neutralization is also completed in the tank and technical compliance (TRO) is recorded and reported before discharge of the tank, safeguarding the local marine environment from unwanted discharge.

FITT® retains all treatment and compliance benefits of the larger InTank® BWTS whilst eliminating disadvantages of most inline treatment systems such as: filters (space/operation), required power (kW), forced treatment at uptake alongside, challenging muddy waters, long hold periods and regrowth concerns. In comparison to inline systems the installation complexity and costs are reduced significantly.

InVoyage™ + InControl™ = InTank®

SCIENCO InTank FITT- an ALL Tank solution for ALL types of vessels