Marship Engineering exhibiting at Europort 2019 Rotterdam



OCT 8 2019

About Europort 2019 Rotterdam!
Special Ships Smart Solutions.

Marship Engineering and our principals are exhibiting during Europort 2019, organised in the world port city of Rotterdam from 5 – 8 November | Ahoy Hal 3 – Stand: 3113. 

We kindly invite you for a visit. Europort is the leading exhibition for special purpose vessels, attracting 27,000 visitors and 1,100 exhibiting companies.
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All our business partners share our goals of technical innovation and manufacture high quality machinery that enable daily maritime operations whilst keeping your wake clean! So, let’s talk Smart Solutions.
In the spotlight are:

Ballast Water Treatment

ENVIROCLEANSE LLC: InTank Ballast Water Treatment solution ticks all boxes for ships:

✓ Filter Free

✓ No Delays in Port

✓ Ballast and de-ballast freely

✓ Effective in all water qualities

✓ IMO & USCG Type Approved (new G-8)

✓ Regrowth control

✓ USCG Type Approved rev. G-8

✓ Tankers, Bulk carriers, Heavy-lifter, Semi-subs and Barges & Pontoons

Looking for a cost-effective mobile treatment solution of ballast water for high ballast dependent assets like Barges & Pontoons, then EnvirocleanseInTank Ballast Water Treatment is your solution!


Smart Ship Performance Monitoring

KYMA A/S: Your partner in Ship Performance Monitoring:

✓ Shaft Power Meters

✓ Ship- & fleet performance

✓ Web/cloud to shore solutions

✓ Engine load analyzers

✓ Data loggers & Test Power Meters

Consistent, accurate and reliable data and trending information to reduce fuel-consumption and improve ship reliability. Read more about Kyma A/S.


Fresh Water Generators

COMPASS WATER SOLUTIONS Inc: Fresh Water generators Reverse Osmosis and Oily Water Separators that provide ships with all the water when you need it. RO-units to any capacity and permeate water quality! OWS certified and guaranteed below 5 p.p.m. effluent continuously. Suitable for ALL ship types!


Maritime Waste Solutions

DELITEK A/S: Maritime Waste Solutions for dry waste recycling and food waste management. Ergonomic design, quality steel and craftsman ship ensure their renown reliability under the harshest conditions. We provide cost -effective vacuum based conveying food waste solution, sturdy food waste macerators and waste compactors. Read more about Food Waste Solutions.

TERRAGON ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES Inc.: MAGS-V8, Organic Waste Gasification system eliminates all shipboard generated contaminated wastes through auto-gasification. Gasification allows for a safe, energy efficient process with exceptionally clean emissions. Recover energy from your solids, sludges and waste-oils. Read more about Waste gasifier Mags.


At our stand you can find you all need for blue waters and a clean wake!

We welcome you at our booth 3113 Europort 2019. Contact us via or make an appointment.